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Announcement of the conference Be fit for digital age within the Croatian presidency of the European Forum of the Insurance against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases


In 2024, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, in cooperation with the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, will preside over the European Forum of the Insurance against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases.

The activities of this independent European organization in the field of social security in Europe are focused on the promotion of health protection at work, and on the exchange of information and experiences among member organizations that are often facing the same challenges.

After the Finnish presidency and the conference held in Helsinki in 2023 with the topic Workers’ Compensations in a Changing World, the next conference of the European Forum will be held in Zagreb, from 4 until 6 June 2024, under the slogan Be fit for the digital age.

The conference is focused on the changes brought about by digital transformation. Under the motto 4e4 changes that bring value, the focus is on e-services, e-data, e-protection, and e-projects, with the emphasis on digital innovations supporting sustainability and green transition.

Within the aforementioned four areas, the conference will cover the following topics:

- enhancement of digital services in the field of social insurance system and health protection at work;
- electronic exchange of information that enables easier access and security of data from the field of social rights, including European Health Data Space, in order to unleash the full potential of health data, with the emphasis on strengthening prevention through the secondary use of health data;
- responses to challenges in the protection against cyber threats in social insurance systems;
- exploring innovative solutions within projects, with the emphasis on AI for smart health and medicine;
- expanding effective preventive health programs in health protection in the new digital world of work and education, including transformations of the educational system with the potential for the acceleration of global progress.

The focus is on strategies, concepts and activities supporting a holistic approach and multidisciplinary actions, using digital technologies and innovations in a safe and ethical way, a way that is beneficial for health, and raises awareness of the impact of new digital technologies on work and workplaces, and of the related challenges and opportunities in the field of safety and health and work.

Conference video announcement