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National Contact Point (NCP)

Nacionalna kontaktna točka – NCP Your Europe

In accordance with the Compulsory Health Care Insurance Act, Croatian Health Insurance Fund acts as the National Contact point (NCP) for providing the information on the rights of the insured persons to health care in other Member states, based on the European Union regulations and Direktivom 2011/24/EU, i.e. all the crucial aspects of cross border health care.

For patients to be able to exercise their right to cross border health care, the National Contact point provides:

  • Contact details of National Contact Points in other Member States
  • Information about healthcare providers in te Republic of Croatia
  • Available information on standards and guidelines on quality and safety of treatment in the Republic of Croatia
  • Information about the accessibility of hospitals for persons with disabilities
  • Information on patients' rights, complaints procedures and mechanisms for seeking remedies, according to legislation, as well as the legal and administrative options available to settle disputes, including in the event of harm arising from cross-border healthcare
  • Basic information on reimbursement of costs of cross-border healthcare
  • Basic information about clear distinction between the rights which patient have by virtue of Direktive 2011/24/EU and the rights arising from Uredbe (EZ) br. 883/2004.

As a part of its work the National Contact Point shall consult with patient organisations, healthcare providers and healthcare insurers.

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Cross-border eHealth Services

New eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure connects the eHealth national services to enable electronic cross-border exchange of health data in a secure, efficient and interoperable way and consequently ensures the continuity of care for European citizens across borders. ePrescription (and eDispensation) and Patient Summary are cross-border health services that are being progressively introduced in 22 EU countries by 2021.

ePrescription (and eDispensation) allows citizens in Europe to retrieve their medication in a pharmacy located in another European country, thanks to the online transfer of their electronic prescription from their country of affiliation (hereafter referred to as the country of residence) to their country of travel. Country of residence is informed about the medicine retrieved in the country of travel (eDispensation).

Patient Summary provides information on important health-related aspects such as allergies, current medication, previous illness, surgeries etc. It will form part of a larger collection of health data called European Health Record, whose implementation across Europe is planned at a later stage. The digital Patient Summary purpose is to provide doctors with essential information concerning the patient from another EU country in the doctor's language.

More information about cross-border electronic services you can read here.

Patient Information Notice about the Electronic Cross - border Prescription Services for patients traveling to Croatia (.pdf)

Patient Information Notice about the Electronic Cross - border Patient Summary Services for patients traveling to Croatia (.pdf)

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Last update date: 17.11.2022.

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