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Health care quality and safety

Under the Croatian legislation (Health care Act and Compulsory health insurance Act Internal consolidated text), every person is entitled to health care and the highest possible level of health.

The goal of any healthcare system is improving and bettering the quality of health care.

The quality of healthcare includes a set of measures taken during a healthcare procedure, and that results in a favourable treatment outcome. This is to prevent any unwanted events that could lead to a negative outcome of the treatment

National regulations related to quality and safety are:

National Health Care Strategy

Health Care Act

Compulsory Health Care of Aliens in the Republic of Croatia Act

Protection of the Patient Rights Act

Quality of Health Care and Social Welfare Act

Ordinance on quality standards of health care and the manner of their application

Plan and programme of Measures for Security, Promotion, Promoting and Monitoring the Quality of Health Care

Handbook on the Quality Standards of Health Care and the Manner of their Application

Ordinance on accreditation standards for hospital health care facilities