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Healthcare facilities and physicians

In the Republic of Croatia

Healthcare facilities and physicians who have entered into a contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund for the provision of healthcare are as follows:

Primary health care:

  • Family (General) practitioners (.xls)
  • Paediatricians (.xls)
  • Gynecologists (.xls)
  • Dentists (.xls)
  • Pharmacies (.xls)
  • All-night pharmacies (.xls)

Outpatient specialist-consultative health care (.xls)

Hospital health care facilities (.xls)

Healthcare facilities providing hemodialysis service (.xlsx)

Orthopaedic and other prosthesis suppliers (.xlsx)

In another Member State EU/EEP/Switzerland

Information about medical institutions and physicians in another Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area countries is available via national contact points for cross-border healthcare of the other Member States.

Their list is available on the next link:

National Contact Points of other Member State of the EU and EEA | HZZO

Information about the healthcare facilities and physicians in Switzerland is available on these webpages: or

The abovementioned information can also be requested via the Croatian National Contact Point